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Please feel free to visit our directory when you are seeking new services. We are stronger together! There are many aspects of this group that can help you. From learning, growth, and stress-care provide various services and programs that can help you succeed.

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When you need services, business growth, interior design projects, candles, a different car or house, or gifts for your family, please check this directory!


There are many benefits for being a part of our group. You can promote your business once a week to over 2,400 other women, receive discounts on services from other members, receive free trainings, and much more.


We have events of all sorts. Mainly women attend and we focus on learning, relaxing, having fun, networking, stress-care techniques, and how to keep our life and work in balance for best results.

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Our goal is to help you grow your business with strategy, a large group of like-minded women, and business growth services. Speaking, events, directories, sponsorships, SEO, social media, and all types of ways for highlighting your products and services that help you move your business further, faster. Over 800 positive reviews!

Over 800 Positive Reviews!

My passion is in helping 1 million women with growing their business because this creates generational change.

Christine Morse, Avid Marketing

You are destined for great things and provide a valuable resource to all of us! Thanks for all you do!

Nadine Carlson