Thank you for your interest in promoting your business in our digital and printed directories. In participating, you are also supporting other women business owners and professionals!

2023 is going to be FANTASTIC!

As my gift and way of giving back, you can promote your products and services in our printed and digital promo directories!

$50 grants visibility in both directories and gains several online benefits.

Benefits – Just to name a few:

  • Your website in this directory is great for your SEO.
  • Your link can be shared on your socials and used in online ads.
  • You will be promoted in the WIC Facebook page several times.
  • Your brand will be shared by other women when the printed version is given as gifts and used in their marketing packages.
  • Discounted rates on Podcast recordings & marketing videos.

For participating you also receive additional bonus features:


  • A free training (live or recorded) on how to make sure you gain the most ROI for this $50 investment.
  • You will receive a discounted price on your promo video for your website and socials.
  • The ability to have your podcast shared on the fully optimized Women In Connection website for more viewers.
  • Discounted pricing on marketing services like social media mgt, content creation, eNewsletters, & SEO, text messages marketing, and much more.
  • We can create a book like this with YOUR products and services!

On-Line Digital Directory

Your Benefits:

  1. Your entry in this digital directory will be great for your own website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it is posted in this directory. I’ll spare you all of the techy details but happy to share if you are interested. 🙂
  2. We also provide added SEO for this website and that is no cost to you. Our goal is to get as many people to this site as possible.
  3. You can use this directory link to provide a special promo code to your clients so they realize they are gaining a unique deal or special promotion.
  4. You can post your promo link on your socials so your friends can help promote your products and services.
  5. Your business link will be shared on the Women In Connect Facebook page of 2,400+ women professionals. For this promotion, you will be highlighted 3 times throughout 2023 and you can pick the dates which align with your own promotional activity.

Printed Directory

Your Benefits:

  1. Professionally printed promotional book with your photo, business information, and a special promotion so you can track your ROI.
  2. Each women who purchases a space in the directory will receive 10 copies of the book and will only need to pay for shipping. More copies can be purchased for $2 each.
  3. These are great to use in your sales packages, in meetings with potential clients, or providing the promo book to your favorite connections as a gift! They will receive some great discounts and you will receive the added visibility.
  4. We received SO MANY great compliments on our Spring edition so the format will be the same.
  5. Your ad space is 4.4 x 5 which is a half of a page. You can purchase a full page by changing the quantity to 2 when ordering.
  6. We need 20+ women represented in order for the book to be printed.
  7. We plan on having these printed and ready to go by January 1, 2023 so everyone starts off the year on a strong foot.
  8. Below are some examples!


  • We are excited to report that we can provide a digital and printed space (half page) ad for only $50! That’s right $50. This is because I am using my marketing agency discounted pricing for printing. This is our gift back to the community and one of Christine’s favorite projects!
  • You can help us by sharing this opportunity with connections who may be seeking ways to promote and grow their business.
  • If you would like help in creating your ad, we can provide that service as well.

Purchase the standard add space for $50.

Purchase the Design Work for Your Ad which is $60 with 1 round of edits.

Once you purchase the directory space, we will send you a welcome email with next steps.

If you have questions, please reach out and we can schedule a quick Zoom chat. If you belong to a networking group with other women professionals, please share this opportunity with them. I would be happy to provide an overview and marketing tips presentation for them on how to use these for best ROI.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to hop on a Zoom call for a quick conversation!



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